Welcome to Boo Box Boutique


Thank you for visiting us on our brand new website. Boo Box Boutique has been set up for our customers who love our traditional, Spanish and Portuguese clothing. 

A little about us... 

We are a family run business of nearly 9 years! (yikes, how quickly did that go). We have a high street store in North Wales and we have been running our website www.boobox.co.uk for several years now. 

We decided to start a separate website for our more luxury items and we hope to expand this to include a gifting service which will be perfect for baby showers and new arrivals...so watch this space. 

Whilst www.boobox.co.uk will still be running, it will focus on our sustainable ranges such as Kite Clothing. If you are interested in fair trade, organic and brightly patterned clothing then our main site is definitely for you. 

As always, we are happy to receive feedback, so please email us at info@boobox.co.uk or leave a comment below with any suggestions of what you might like to see from us. 

With love 

Boo Box Team